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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Italy in Harare
Embassy Harare
Embassy of Italy in Harare
7 Bartholomew - Close
Greendale , Harare
Tel  +263.4.498190 / 497373 / 497200 / Fax +263.4.498199
Office hours:
Monday to Friday :  07.30– 17.30
Consular Section opening hours:
Monday to Friday :  08.30 – 12.30
The Italian Embassy in Zimbabwe promotes worldwide the activities of the Group Trevi
Next Thursday June 5th, the TREVI Group will air on Youtube preview of a report on the new underground railway project realized in Copenhagen (Copenhagen Cityringen Project).On the home page of the TREVI’s Group website ( is possible >>>
The Embassy of Italy participation at the "Sanganai/Hlanganani World Travel and Tourism Fair" (Harare, 10-12 October 2013).
The Embassy organized a Stand “Italia” at Harare’s “Sanganai/Hlanganani World Travel and Tourism Fair”. At the Stand, which was viewed by a great number of visitors, a selection of promotional brochures supplied by >>>
Participation of the Italian Embassy at the "Harare Agricultural Show 2013" .
In the occasion of the 103rd edition of the “Harare Agricultural Show”, held from 23rd to 31st August, the Embassy organized an Italian stand measuring approximately 600 m², which hosted numerous companies (see the list). Italy was >>>
As from 6th June 2013 in order to apply for a Schengen visa (requirements) or for an Italian national visa fingerprints will have to be taken at this Embassy. A copy of the duly completed application form (Schengen Visa , National Visa) will have to >>>
Art. 84 del D.P.R. 5 ottobre 2010, N. 207 - Istruzioni per le imprese e per i tecnici di fiducia.
L’art. 84 del nuovo Regolamento dei contratti pubblici approvato con DPR 5 ottobre 2010, n. 207 (modificato dal D.L. 9 febbraio 2012, n. 5) assegna al Ministero degli Affari Esteri, ed ai suoi Uffici consolari, specifici compiti in relazione alla >>>
Notice to Italian nationals who have recently lost or had their passport stolen within Zimbabwe.
Stolen or lost passports, when found, are normally returned to this Embassy by the local Authorities. For those nationals who may have lost or had their passport stolen and who wish to know whether the document has been recovered, please contact the >>>
News in Italian
Incentivi fiscali per il rientro dei lavoratori in Italia (L. 238 del 30.12.2010).
Enrico De Agostini
The Ambassador
Enrico De Agostini

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